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We are a family of 5 that moved from California to Arizona about 8 years ago. We love it here! We love to watch movies, enjoy the great outdoors when it's not blazing hot, play sports, hike, ride bikes and spend time together! Life is awesome and we wish the same to all of you!

Monday, December 19, 2011

Gingerbread House Competition

We decided to add some friendly competition to our gingerbread house-making experience this year. All the finalist's entries are below. Feel free to look through them and when you see the one that is your favorite move on over to the sidebar and vote in the poll. We will post the results at the bottom of this post when the poll closes on Christmas Eve. Let the voting begin...

#1 Snow White's Cottage

#2 Twin Mixed-Use Towers

#3 A Sweet Bedroom

#4 Princess Frostine's Winter Wonderland Castle

#5 A Sweet Retreat

#6 Gummy Bear Lounge (yes those are stripper poles)

#7 QT (Notice the gingerbread people's waffle cookie shopping bag)

#7 Doublewide Trailer

#8 No Place Like Home for the Holidays

#9 Home Sweet Home

#10 Winter Wonderland (yes that is an ice skating rink out front)

#11 A Traditional Arizona Home (the rock yard is a dead giveaway)

#12 McDonalds (yep, those are golden arches on the roof)

#12 The Candyman's Hideaway (perfect location just nestled among the sweet tart trees)

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Merry Christmas 2011

Happy Holidays from the McCoy Family!

Here is what we have been up to:

Bryan: Is keeping on his toes and there is never a dull moment when it comes to his work life. From rentals to residential real estate and land to commercial our Bry has a full plate and is an amazing one man act! That is pretty much all he does is work, but he does enjoy it when he can steal a few moments away with his family (most Sundays). He also joined a soccer league earlier this year and plays soccer in the backyard with Con man whenever he can. And just so that he can keep that creative side of him alive he takes time once a week to jam on the guitar with a friend. We will see if Jenna can convince him to run another 1/2 marathon with her. She's working on him! :)

Jenna: Is busy trying to be the glue of the family and keep things running smoothly (most days). She is finishing up her fall semester at the Academy of Art University for Interior Architecture and Design, and through blurry eyes from sleepless nights, is almost done with finals just in time to be hit over the head by the Christmas holiday! Even with all of the juggling, Jenna still manages to enjoy school and the projects that go along with it. She is going to work with her mom this next year and open up an Etsy store (we will let you all know when that happens). So she will be spending her short break off of school getting crafty projects together to sell. And those dusty running shoes will finally be laced up again so that she can start training for 1/2 marathons again (the last 4 years she was either pregnant or breastfeeding the girls which made it difficult to commit to training). Her first one will be at the end of January, if all goes well!

Conlan: Is 7 now, in 2nd grade and will be turning 8 in March. He has been doing excellent at school, and recently made the honor roll. And according to his teacher has become a wonderful leader in his class. His school is a charter school that emphasizes the "7 Habits of Highly Effective People" by Stephen Covey. They are striving to contribute the well rounded leaders of tomorrow. Conlan also joined a local club soccer team this spring and just finished up his first half of the season and he is happy to report that he scored his first goal. He loves it (although that my be too light of a word, maybe more like obsesses over it would be better) and if he is not playing soccer in the house, he is living, sleeping and breathing soccer outside or in his dreams! :) He also has had the opportunity to play in 2 tournaments already, one up in Flagstaff and one more locally in Mesa. Conlan has also discovered girls (does it really happen this early?). He currently has a girlfriend in his class. It is so cute, they pass notes back and forth and it is still very innocent and sweet (we know that the drama will begin soon enough, so we will just enjoy these adorable little interactions for now)!

Aislinn: Is 2, almost 3 in January. Our little impish girl is growing into a big kid. Her words are easier to understand now, but there are still some that we refuse to correct just yet cause they are so cute! She still calls her sister Damana. :) She has really become a girly girl, oh my! Tinkerbell is now taking a backseat to the princesses. Pink can never be worn or used enough in our household these days, neither can purses, sunglasses, tutus, hair clippies, fancy shoes that light up and lip gloss (gobs and gobs of it, mommy has been missing hers these days too...hmm wonder where it is going?). Aisy is a joy to have around and she is mommy's big helper! Our little princess is showing an insatiable appetite for learning, she can count to 20, can say most of the alphabet, knows most colors (even the offbeat ones mommy tells her like fuchsia and chartreuse). We have also been working with the "Your Baby Can Read" Program and she really enjoys that too! As for potty training....she was really excited at the beginning of this year and then she got really bored with it. We are going to try again and hope she doesn't pull a Conlan on us and decide to wait until she turns 4 to do anything in the potty. It is going to be a long year, so we are trying to stay positive and keep our fingers crossed!

Damara: This has been a banner year for little Demi. She just turned 1. She learned to: smile, coo, kick, move her arms, grab things, turn over to her tummy and back, laugh, sit up, crawl, eat solid foods and everything else she could get to her mouth, stand, walk along furniture, scream, and is now showing some interest in walking (not quite there yet, but we know it will be in her own time). All of us in the household get a kick out of her. She has quite the sweet temperment, most days. Although being the youngest of 3 she has had to find her voice (and boy can she hurt those eardrums, whew). She loves to play with blocks to sort and stack them, turn off brother's video games and when Aisy will allow it, she likes to eat her sister's princess dolls. We have also been showing her "Your Baby Can Read" as well and teaching her some basic sign language so that she can communicate and not be so frustrated when trying to tell us what she wants. This next year should be full of fun in her next phases of development!

May you all have a most wonderful holiday season and wherever you are enjoy the time you have right now! Many happy thoughts and warm wishes to all of you!


The Merry McCoy's

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Happy First Birthday Demi

So sad, no more babies in the McCoy household. We now have a one year old! Don't ask us where that year went...we have no idea! We had a quiet day together and celebrated in the evening with some cake and ice cream. Demi was so excited about her duckys that she kept asking mommy to lift her so she could see them. She loved to smile and wave at them (and the ducks just sat there, very unfriendly if you ask us). As the night progressed she had picked up every single ducky and put it in her mouth. Not sure they taste all that great, but it made Damara very happy! So with all that cake and ice cream the birthday girl was ready to party, and she did....until midnight!

Just Ducky

Damara was so happy to just sit and hang with the ducks

Happy girl with the death grip on her duck. She would not let us take them away even to wash her up!

Ah the good stuff, her first real taste at sugar. There is no going back now.

I have had enough!

Saturday, November 26, 2011

All I Want For Xmas Is My 2 Front Teeth...

And so it finally happened...our little man now has a toothless grin! That makes the count down by 4 teeth. At this rate he is going to break the toothfairy bank!

Monday, November 14, 2011

Halloween 2011

Another Halloween came and went! We went trick or treating with the cousins and were in sugary sweet induced comas by the end of the night. Grandma hosted her traditional chili and cornbread at the end of the night.

Butterfly fairy Kyla, Lilo Emmy, and Snow White Aisy

Army man Conlan (wearing Papa Phil's old army jacket)

Snow White Aisy wearing a handmade costume by Mommy

Chicken Demi (mom and dad went as the farmers)

Pumpkin Carving

We carved pumpkins at Grandma's house the day before Halloween. We had so much fun! Thanks for the pumpkins Gaga!

Jenna's Fall Project

Jenna had promised to re-finish some of her sister's furniture. The two are working on a design for Brianna's bedroom. The theme is "Vintage Glamour". I am happy to say that the furniture is done, but now we have to get the room finished. Maybe that will be a mid-winter/summer project.

Here is the concept board for Brianna's room:

Here is what the furniture looked like after:

Dresser (love the hardware which is courtesy of Anthropologie). They turned out great!

Fall Harvest Celebration

We recently decided to have a Fall harvest celebration. We got to enjoy some good food and good company together with family. It was a nice time of reflection for everyone. Grandma Nanny made all of us girls these cute little autumn leaf head wreaths. We had a great time and are looking forward to our celebration for winter!

Conlan Update

Our little man is doing great! He is rocking and rolling, and we are not quite sure where the time is going. He just got on honor roll for school and seems to be liking his new school (well as much as a 7 year old can enjoy school)! He loves, loves, loves soccer and it is no uncommon for him to be outside practicing his skills for most of the afternoon now that the weather is cooler. He is really becoming a well rounded little man. Here are a few pictures of him below!

School picture, love those freckles!

Conlan in action during his recent soccer tournament.

Aislinn Update

Aislinn is becoming quite the big girl. She almost 3, but we have a sneaking suspicion she thinks that she is going on 20. She has become little miss chatterbox and we can listen to her for hours (some words are very clear, others are her Aislinnese). She is so fun to watch and as sweet as can be, but there is plenty of fire too! Here are some pictures of Aisy to enjoy! :)

Here she is looking quite grown up with her hair pulled back!

We had a creative day of painting with the cousins.

And we decided that our body was a pretty good canvas too. We missed the picture of cousin Kyla painting her armpits.

We have been working on making bubbles... still have a ways to go!

Damara Update

Our little Demi is just shy of 1 year and our calm happy baby has now become an active mover and shaker! She is still sweet as can be and for the most part is content (definitely more vocal)! She is crawling all over the floor like a pro, has taken to standing up at the couch or coffee table and is now eating big people food (even without her pearlie whites). Here a few pictures taken of her recently. Enjoy!

She like to stand, but hasn't become brave enough to take steps yet.

Having a little snack. Yay, she can feed herself now!

Still happy baby!

She wants to do it herself and this is usually the end result...what a mess! :)

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

The Red Shoes

Aislinn has been getting into ballet lately. She wants to watch the old movie "The Red Shoes" every day. Mommy is not arguing. It used to be my favorite movie too, back when I had dreams of becoming a ballerina! :) It has moved onto another generation now and who knows maybe Aisy will try to fill those red shoes someday...Here is a video of her acting out the dance scene with Victoria Page. Notice she has her pink tutu on. A ballet dance would not be complete without a pink frilly tutu. Next stop ballet shoes and then on to dance lessons at the local studio. Fun, fun, fun!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Future NRA Member

Ok, so I won't get into the long debate about weapons here...this is meant to be a fun lighthearted post! With that said Conlan does have a whole artillery of plastic weaponry. From Army to Star Wars, from Nerf to water guns. I have never understood the fascination of play "killing" with toy guns, but then again I am not a boy and who am I to judge! The other day, Conlan was having one of his typical gun fights with imaginary bad guys. He got too close to Damara and she snatched a gun right out of his hands. She was so proud of herself, you can see the sheepish grin below. It was too funny to pass up the kodak moment here! Well, I guess being the youngest you have to fend for yourself, and she did!