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We are a family of 5 that moved from California to Arizona about 8 years ago. We love it here! We love to watch movies, enjoy the great outdoors when it's not blazing hot, play sports, hike, ride bikes and spend time together! Life is awesome and we wish the same to all of you!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Our Awesome Con

The other day I was sitting and resting when Con came up and asked me a question. "Mom what do the kids who don't have any food to eat, eat?" Caught off guard by his question I asked him if he meant kids in other countries. He said "Yeah." I tried to think of an easy way to tell him without getting political about it, "Well that depends on if people are coming to aid them or not. Sometimes they get things like rice and beans.." Before I could finish he said "Let's go feed the kids!" I was so floored at the sweetness in that statement and the fact that he was thinking about others at such an early age. I told him that someday we will take a trip and do just that. The wisdom of a child! The love and thoughtfulness behind that statement was enough to keep me going all day! It is always fun to see where the next line of questions will take us. I absolutely adore my little Con, my little sweetie pie!

Monday, February 23, 2009

She's 6 Weeks Old

Where does the time go? Aisy is as cute as pie and growing with more personality everyday! She has started to develop the trademark crooked smile that runs on Jenna's side. Our little gal is now holding up her head for short periods of time and is a smiling sweetie. She is not sleeping through the night yet, but we think that will be coming soon. Mom can't wait for that! The time is flying and we are having so much fun together as a family of 4.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day! Sending you all love and hugs this special day!

Daddy, Conlan and Papa Gary playing a super competitive game of field hockey! I wondered where Con got his competitive edge. I needed to look no further than the 3 of them playing together!