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We are a family of 5 that moved from California to Arizona about 8 years ago. We love it here! We love to watch movies, enjoy the great outdoors when it's not blazing hot, play sports, hike, ride bikes and spend time together! Life is awesome and we wish the same to all of you!

Monday, October 26, 2009

Aisy Girl

Aislinn is 9 1/2 months old and is so much fun! We are enjoying watching her development and seeing the cute little, quirky things that she does! We love our littly Aisy girl, she is such a joy!

Here she is practicing her royal pose. When Mommy put the crown on her head she let it stay there and wore it all around the house. When we went to take it off she screamed. Uh-oh, this may be a bad thing. We may be setting ourselves up by calling her our little fairy princess. Too cute!

All tuckered out! She has decided she doesn't want to nap or sleep anymore. On this day she was so tired, she fell asleep before dinner eating a teething biscuit.

She just started waving yesterday! We were working in the backyard doing some weeding. Conlan was playing baseball and Aislinn was watching. When Mom said "Yay Con-Con" she would clap for him! Here she is rooting her brother on!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Here comes Fall

Our blog is in a desperate need of an update. Jenna has fallen down on the job lately, midterms will do that to a person! Here are a few of the things we have been up to: Conlan had picture day at school, Aisy got her 9 month check-up (We can't believe she is already that old. Everything went fine), Con took a field trip to the local farm and Dad got to go along, we made caramel apples at Gaga Nanny's house, Daddy and Con got to go and check out some really cool old school planes and we have had a 2 week break from school (Conlan). We have been having a bunch of fun. Life is great and we are enjoying time out from rushing to and from school everyday! Mom will start on Conlan and Aislinn's costumes for Halloween today. We are getting creative this year. Look for the post for Halloween so you can check them out! Have a fantastic day!

One of our favorite traditions come Halloween/fall is to make caramel apples. We like to go gourmet! Yummy. Below is Conlan, very focused, making sure his is just right!

His school visited the local farm. Con's class was learning about farms before they went. They got to grow a bean sprout in a cup. They got to pick a pumpkin before they left.

Here are some of the planes Bryan and Con got to go check out. They are part of a traveling air museum and they came to one of the local airports for a night.

Con got to climb inside the cockpit of a Japanese Zero plane from WWII. This is one of the only 2 that still flies.

Happy Fall to all of you!

Friday, October 2, 2009

The Resort at Singer Island

We had so much fun last weekend. Bryan's cousin Jeff got married to an awesome gal. They decided to do a destination wedding. The location choice: The Resort at Singer Island in Florida, West Palm Beach. What a gorgeous location. We had a blast and it was an awesome time getting to hang out with family and meet some fun new people. We got to take a long weekend from Thursday to Sunday. Below are just a few of the pictures from the weekend.

Waiting at the airport. Conlan is a really great traveler and it turns out so is Aisy. This was her first airplane trip. The trip home on the last flight she decided to let it loose with the screaming. But that only lasted about 15 minutes. Would we take her on a flight again so soon. Maybe, depending on how long the flight was.

We met up with Gaga J, Papa Paul, Uncle Matt and Cousin Rosie in Houston. When we arrived in West Palm Beach Con decided to help RJ pull her suitcase. It was adorable!

The rehearsal dinner was on Friday night. We went to a local seafood restaurant. A nice time was had by all!

Who can resist a waterslide?
Not us! We captured some
fun photos of the boys and

Here are a few more. It is
hysterical to see the faces
of everyone coming off of
the slide.

More pool photos.

And here is Jenna and Aisy. Why are they not going in the pool? Because in the craziness of school and packing Jenna remembered to pack everyone's suit but her own. Oops. What a bummer, that waterslide looked like fun too.

And who can resist a video of the waterslide

I have pictures of the wedding below the post of "Running Away From Home". I guess on blogger they don't go by published date, it is the day you created the post. So check out the wedding pictures below. Everything was beautiful and we are so glad we got the chance to spend the special time with family!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Running Away From Home

We figured it was inevitable. Every kid threatens their parents once in their lives. That doom and gloom threat that is supposed to make Mom & Dad beg and plead "Oh no, please no. Don't go, please stay. I am so sorry for what I have done. I take it back...." At least that's what we hope our parents would say. Well that is not what transpired the other night. Jenna tucked Conlan in and was saying good-night. She even layed down next to him, read him a story, tucked him in extra tight and blew him kisses. The whole enchilada. He didn't want to go to bed and asked if he could just go down stairs and lay down there with mom and dad. He was told no repeatedly and Jenna explained that if we did that there was no real point in going through the bedtime tradition. He started the wining, crying, complaining and even the "I don't like you's". After a few minutes Jenna turned to go down stairs. We just could not resist sharing this one. Here is what happened:

Conlan: FINE! I am running away from HOME!!! (This was of course screamed at the top of his lungs for emphasis)

Jenna: Oh really. That's too bad. (said in a calm, monotone voice)

Conlan: (Puzzled that Mom didn't freak out) Why?

Jenna: Well first off, I would really miss you. But if you don't want to stay I can understand. I know we have rules that are mean and harsh. And who wants to put up with that? But second off, I feel kind of bad for you. Cause now your going to have to go and get a job, get a car, buy your own food, find a place to live, pay your own bills, and of course you can forget about going to kindergarten and having fun now. There won't be any time for that, you'll be a working boy. I'm just not too sure how you are going to do it. They don't usually give out driver's licenses to people under 16. So you will probably have to walk everywhere and take a bus. And I am not too sure how your are going to get a job cause you usually have to be 16 to get one of those too. Like I said, that's too bad!

Pause. . . silence. . . waiting. . . waiting. . . waiting. . .

Conlan: Night Mom, I'm going to bed now.

Classic! Sometimes we need those little wake up calls in life to help us realize that things are really not as bad as they seem. Needless to say we haven't heard a peep about coming downstairs to sleep again!