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We are a family of 5 that moved from California to Arizona about 8 years ago. We love it here! We love to watch movies, enjoy the great outdoors when it's not blazing hot, play sports, hike, ride bikes and spend time together! Life is awesome and we wish the same to all of you!

Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter 2012

We had a mellow, relaxing Easter. The kids actually slept in, Dad and Mom's Easter gift. We were ready for the day. We started off with the baskets, and hunt. And later had family over for brunch and a backyard hunt. By the end of the day the kids were ready to crash from their sugar highs. Fun day for all!

Conlan with his stash

Princess stuff! Right up Aisy's alley

Damara just liked pulling things out and then putting them back in

That silly bunny totally catered to Aislinn's princess fetish. She now has the crown to complete the ensemble. There will be no living with her now!

The bunny got pretty tricky with the hiding spots, but thank goodness all of them have been accounted for

Gosh, don't look so happy boys!

Let the hunt begin

Caydon wasn't too thrilled to take part in the hunt, sensory overload. But he was more than happy to tell his mom where to get the eggs from the shade! Silly Cay-Cay!
Damara, still getting used to those walking legs, she took a very slow, steady road to finding the eggs

Decorating Eggs

We all gathered at Gaga Nanny's house to complete our pre-Easter celebrations. With 36 eggs to decorate and color. Bring out the hard boiled egg recipes! The kids were revving to go!

Aislinn our little fairy princess is so prim and proper. This is how she looked at the start and the end. Mom's hands were in worse shape than hers!

Damara didn't care so much about the egg, but looked at it more as a bath for your hands.

Conlan really got into the egg decorating this year and wanted to experiment with how the colors look when mixed with different dyes. Could we have another artist in the making?

Demi's giving herself a mani. Notice the blue hands and hot pink nails.

Mmmmm, protien. Don't even think about taking this egg Mom, cause I will throw a fit!

Stuffing the bazillion eggs for the backyard hunt

In the Easter Parade

We have family that lives over in the Sun Lakes community that invited us to come and take part in the Easter festivities that their community hosts for the kids. We got there early to decorate the golf cart for the parade later that morning. Did the easter egg hunt and then the parade. It was a whirlwind and we all had a great time. Thank you Terry and Sharon for including us in the fun!

Funny story for the day: The golf cart was parked and all of us were frantically trying to finish decorating. Aislinn and Damara were sitting on the floor of the cart..harmless right. No! Aislinn figured out how to turn it on and release the break. Mommy was decorating the front of the cart, when all of a sudden the cart flys like a bat out of hell down the driveway. All we see is Damara holding on for dear life and Aislinn flung herself to the floor out of fear. Thank goodness we caught them before they hit the street. As scary as that moment was at the time, it is a hilarious story now. The two girls taking off down the street for a joy ride. Hopefully this hasn't thrown Aisy into too much of a fright so that she never wants to drive again!

Here is our cart all decked out (although some of the others were so festive we almost felt embarrassed of our entry)

Waiting for the easter egg hunt

Damara was in the 0-2 yr group. Total time for all the eggs to be picked up: 10 minutes

Aisy and Gaga Sandy. Aislinn was in the 3-4 yr group. Total time for all the eggs to be picked up: 5 minutes

Conlan was in the 7-8 yr group. Total time for all the eggs to be picked up: less than 1 minute.

Our  little funny bunnies. Getting ready to drive in the parade. The kids had a great time! Demi and Aisy loved waving at everyone and Con even enjoyed wishing everyone a Happy Easter too!

Happy Birthday Conlan

Conlan turned 8 this past week. He decided he wanted a soccer party. Jenna made her best attempt at a soccer ball cake (a bit tricky). We celebrated with family, went to laser tag and had a fabulous time hanging out with everyone. Once again, did a terrible job taking pictures, oops. But here are a few!

Soccer - End of the Year

The end of the soccer year arrived! Conlan was a bit sad, but ready to take a well deserved break (so was the driver). His coach treated them to a pizza party and an awards ceremony. The boys had a great season. Try outs will begin next month and it will all begin again, but for now Con is in the backyard practicing and working on his skills. The rest of us are taking a well deserved rest!

Job well done buddy! You had a great season and we are so proud of you!

Damara's First Haircut

The time had come for Damara to cut off that baby hair...sniff, sniff. She had Dad, Mom and brother and sister to give her that moral support. For the most part she did fantastic and we discovered that under all of that baby hair is a big girl!

Disneyland Trip

During Conlan's spring break we were able to head out to California and enjoy a few days. The first night we got there, we were able to go see a Galaxy game. Of course Con was in heaven. Too bad Arizona doesn't have a pro soccer team. And thanks to a very dear friend with sign-in privilidges the McCoy family was finally able to make it out to Disneyland and introduce the girls to the Magic Kingdom. We spent 2 days battling the crazy crowds and completely exhausted, but when all was said and done it was amazing and we all had such a great time! As usual we did a terrible job of taking pictures cause we were having so much fun, but here are a few:

Damara is finally walking with a little help from the pole

Aislinn and Gaga J. Grandma was able to join us for one of our days

Tono and Conlan. Thank you Tono for giving us the special gift of memories!

Aislinn and Vidya (from Tinkerbell)

And at long last, Aislinn finally got to meet Tink


For Conlan's spirit week at school they had Wacky Wednesday. They made the kids conform to the uniform, but Conlan took the liberty to be silly wherever else he could. He went for a mohawk with spikes, a tie and mismatched shoes. Our silly guy!

The two girls love their Tinkerbell house and on most days you can hear lots of giggling and silliness ensuing within the paperthin walls. Here they are caught in action!

Going, Going...Gone!

Damara has decided to take naps out of the mix, yay. Most the time by dinner time she is so exhausted that she can barely keep her eyes open, let alone finish her meal. Here is one of her particularly tired moments. It is rough to be one!                                             


Someday My Prince Will Come....

Aislinn notoriously uses the couches as her personal play area, and our cat Sunny loves to lounge around on the couch and sleep. Most the time in the most awkward position because she is trying to fit around the littered toy box of a couch. Jenna walked in the room the other day to discover our fluffy girl using the prince as a pillow, but we are convinced that she was dreaming of her prince too!