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We are a family of 5 that moved from California to Arizona about 8 years ago. We love it here! We love to watch movies, enjoy the great outdoors when it's not blazing hot, play sports, hike, ride bikes and spend time together! Life is awesome and we wish the same to all of you!

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Spring Soccer

3-26-11 Game

Spring soccer began this last weekend. Conlan is on the red team (yet to be named). For now it's "Go Red"! They kept most of his team together from last season and they did great! The final score for the game was 5-4, Red lost by 1. Con scored 2 of the 4 goals! Go little man! He also tried his hand at goalkeeper. He really liked it, so we may be seeing him in thre a little more often this season.

We will try to be dilligent and post each of his games every week. We know some of you have been asking! Below are a few video highlights from the game.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Happy Birthday Conlan

Where does the time go? 7 years ago today we were holding our first little angel. Conlan, you are an awesome little man. You helped us join the amazing journey of parenthood. Since that day we have never looked back, but jumped in and enjoyed the ride every since. We are blessed to have such a beautiful soul in our lives. You are a shining star and bring a smile to our faces every single day. Our lives are that much richer because you here! On this special day we celebrate you and are so thankful to have you as our son!

Happy Birthday! We love you Con!!!!

Conlan Annon - Day One

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Demi and Mommy

Love those sweet moments with my baby girl!

Damara - 3 Month Pictures

Here is our Demi girl's 3 month pictures. She is growing like crazy and has started to develop such a sweet personality. Damara is now laughing and holding her head up really good. She is also starting to sit up with assistance. Goodness gracious do these babies grow up fast!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Yay for mini-vacations! During Conlan's spring break, we took a trip up to Sedona. Aaaahhhh! What a breath of fresh air. It was just what the dr. ordered for some well deserved rest and relaxation! We got to spend time in nature and unwind. Wish we could have stayed longer.

Conlan our little explorer!

Aisy and Daddy getting a foot soak.

A view of Cathedral Rock from Red Rock State Park.

Aisy and her baby playing in the dirt.

There's our happy girl!

Conlan our little ham. :)

Sweet smiley girl!

Family Time

The weather has been quite nice lately. We have been enjoying some time together outside. One of our favorite places to go is the Olive Mill for terrific food and a fabulous bonding time!

Crazy for Soccer

To say Conlan likes soccer is an understatement. He has become completely absorbed and a bit soccer obsessed! He loves it and has become pretty good this last session. Con is starting his next session this week and is super excited! He will also be taking part in a soccer camp this summer. They bring in coaches from the UK to teach the kids their style of football. We are looking forward to seeing Con develop his skills. With summer heat fast approaching we are grateful that this is indoor soccer!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Snow! In Arizona?

For those of you that live where it snows, we realize that snow is not such a big deal this time of year. For those of us who live in the desert, we were kind of excited to step outside a few days ago and see snow covering the mountains. It was beautiful! Unfortunately a few hours later it had almost completely melted away! It was awesome while it lasted!

View of the Superstition Mountains from our neigborhood

Tuppytapes a.k.a. Cupcakes

Aislinn has started talking up a storm now...and won't stop! :) Most of the time it takes some deciphering to figure out what she is saying. She has some really cute words that she doesn't quite have down just yet. Here is a list of some of the cuter ones:

Tuptapes - Cupcakes

Me-Me - Excuse Me

Boynie - Birdie

Dloon - Balloon

Ton Ton - Conlan

Monna - Damara

Cheats - Cheeks

The list goes on, but we will stop there for now! Lately we have been making cupcakes for birthdays and Aisy is such a wonderful helper to mommy. Here is video of Aislinn "helping" in the kitchen!

All Aboard

We are so excited to have family in town. Bryan's dad and step-mom are in town visiting. We decided to take a trip up to the McCormick-Stillman Railroad Park. We have been there once before when Con was a baby and thought it was about time to check it out again. They have small train that travels around the park and an old fashioned merry-go-round. The kids also had fun going and checking out the railway cars and the miniature trains. Good times!

Cutie patootie

Sweetie Pie

MIA: Conlan. He was in the cattle car at the back of the train.

Anxiously awaiting our turn!

Papa Gary, Gaga Sandy, Daddy, Aisy and Con

Demi Girl

Mommy and Damara