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We are a family of 5 that moved from California to Arizona about 8 years ago. We love it here! We love to watch movies, enjoy the great outdoors when it's not blazing hot, play sports, hike, ride bikes and spend time together! Life is awesome and we wish the same to all of you!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Beach Party

The long awaited beach party finally arrived and we could not have asked for a more perfect day! We hope everyone had a great time, we sure did! It was fabulous to see so many friends and family. Once again, we did a horrible job in taking pictures (we were having such a great time that we just forgot), but here are some to give you an idea of the day! We had such a fun time we are going to do it again next year!

Grandma Barbara and Aisy girl taking a break from their sea shell search (say that 3 times fast)

Audra and Evelyn

Shane and Caydon

Nikki and Rory

John and Damara

4 generations: Great-Grandma Barbara, Grandma Roxanne, Jenna, Aislinn & Damara

Sashy, Grammy, Shane & Con

Conlan, Tristan, Chad & Patrick sculpted Titanic 2 and won 2nd place for the sand sculpting contest! Way to go guys!

Sailors and Sirens

Matt, Bry and Demi

Aisy Feeds Demi

Aislinn has been Mommy's little helper with everything. It is only natural that she would want to feed her sister too. She is pretty good at the task, not to mention super cute too! We were finally able to capture it on video for your viewing pleasure.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Oregon Trip

We spent a week up in Oregon with Bryan's family and had so much fun we didn't want to come home. We left the 112 degree heat for the wonderful cool temps in the 60's and 70's. It was fabulous! It was a great bonding time in the car together, but we are not ready to do a 20 hour drive in one day again anytime soon. This country is so beautiful and we got to experience so much of it. The week was super relaxing and we were so happy to get to spend time with family. We stayed with Bryan's Dad and Stepmom on Blue Lake. We spent the week waterskiing, fishing, catching crawfish, chasing the pesky squirrels, visiting OMSI (Oregon Museum of Science Institute), getting some delicious vegan fare, pedicures, birthday celebrations and the gorgeous weather. We made it home safe and sound and hope to be able to make it up there again soon!

On our way up through Northern Nevada

Daddy's Toy

Papa Gary and Con prepping the ski boat

Gaga Sandy and Aisy enjoying a moment

Bryan helping Con get ready for skiing

Con's first attempt at water skiing

4 generations of the McCoy men

The McCoy women

At OMSI exploring

Aislinn getting her first big girl pedi